Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets in the home or office can receive heavy wear and tear. They can be spoiled by traffic lanes,simple stains, discolouring and this damage may lead to the need to replace them. Carpets that don't receive regular professional carpet cleaning will eventually end up in a sorry state. With our regular carpet cleaning service they can retain that look, feel and smell of a new carpet and last much longer.

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Sanitising & Cleaning

Sanitising Carpet Cleaning is more than just getting a regular carpet clean, this service is also where we add a sanitising agent to the carpet that has residual effect, meaning it will continue to kill virus's and bacteria that land on your carpet for months to come.
Combining our infection control based services with carpet cleaning enables us to safely disinfect any room, killing any harmful pathogenic organisms. Our specialist products help ensure you live in a safe environment. Effective micro control of pathogens including: - MRSA - NDM-1 - E.Coli - Salmonella - Legionella - Tuberculosis - Norovirus - Corona virus (previous strains)

Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaning service

We are proud of our position as local carpet cleaning service in Dundee. Our services are competitively priced and are available to domestic and commercial customers.
No matter how carefully you look after your carpets, eventually they will become soiled and start to look tired and worn. Ideally, we recommend that carpets are vacuumed every day; however, we all lead very busy lifestyles and we appreciate that this isn't always practical. Areas of high traffic are particularly at risk, and carpets naturally attract dirt, dust and pollutants like cigarette smoke, dust, germs, and pollen. The good news is that we are here to help.

eco friendly carpet cleaning

Our Dundee Carpet Cleaners team of experts have years of experience in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. We pride ourselves in offering a first class service and always put you, the customer, first.
We know that each job is different and have an flexible tailored service to meet the needs of our customers. From domestic households to rental properties and business premises, our professional carpet cleaners have the expertise and knowledge to restore the beauty of your carpets, leaving them hygienically clean with no nasty odours.
Our prices are also very competitive, We charge a minimum of just £50 and most standard room sized carpets can be cleaned for around £40 each. We also offer a range of additional services which offers an even deeper clean with the added advantage of both sanitising and deodorising your carpet, Flea and Mite Removal, which is invaluable for pet owners, and Scotch Guarding, which is a stain protector that protects your carpets from staining and soiling.

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